About Budva and Me


Hello I am an enthusiast of a small town called Budva. I even created a site about traveling to that place as I lived there for 4 years. Here is an excerpt from the past site. Now I am blogging about life in general, as I moved back to the US.

Budva was a small town at the seaside of Montenegro that has developed over the last few years to become one of the most popular new destinations in Montenegro and Europe! It’s no wonder with the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, the historically rich old town and the delicious seafood cuisine! Check our selected accommodation in Budva, as well as other places along the southern Montenegro coast: Bar, Sveti Stefan, Petrovac and Ulcinj!

The big marina of Budva is home to both the small fishermen’s boats and to beautiful yachts. Early mornings are a lovely time to walk around the dock and watch the fishermen sail-in with their daily catch!

A Greek sailor named Boutoua is believed to have discovered Budva and its Old Town. There are many stories about the latter’s origin. Historians and scholars are of the belief that Old Town was originally an island, which later joined the mainland through a sandy isthmus. Eventually, it was the Roman Empire that controlled the Montenegrin coast for a long time and its influence is clearly visible all over Budva, especially in the Budva Old Town and many of the historic hotels in Budva.

Budva’s urban landscape developed in the 15th century. However, a massive earthquake almost flattened the city in 1667, which is why most of the buildings in Old Town bear 1667 as their year of establishment. The city was brought back to its original shape but as luck would have it, another major quake in 1979 practically destroyed the city once again. It took eight years after this to restore Old Town to its former state. Today, Budva has a lively nightlife, numerous adventure Budva tours and many wonderful beaches. These beaches are very popular among the young crowd, who not only enjoy a swim in the warm waters, but also the regular beach parties near to popular bars, nightclubs and restaurants in Budva.

Budva does not have a very well-planned layout; the streets and alleys are laid out in quite a haphazard manner. While walking through the city streets, either on a Budva tour or from your Budva hotel, you can catch a spectacular view of the Montenegrin mountains behind the buildings. The Old Town streets can sometimes lead you to cul-de-sacs, or you may even find yourself going round in circles! Thankfully your transportation options in Budva are many and varied, not to mention cheap, so you can quickly get yourself out of a bind. You can use our Budva map to choose your hotel in Budva based on its location, and its proximity to the manyBudva highlights you may wish to see.

There is a lot to see and do in Budva including the ramparts built in the 15th century surrounding the Old Town. Tall walls, towers and city gates were built to fortify the city and all of it is still standing. The walls reach the edge of the sea. In fact, a walk around the walls is one of the popular Budva tours. It can be completed in about 15 to 20 minutes and offers splendid views of the beaches, the citadel and the town and offers some great spots to enjoy lunch. Visitors can enjoy the galleries, monasteries, cafés, restaurants and shops, all located close to the walls of the Budva Old Town. If you would rather your hotel in Budva to be away from the commercial attractions, you could just sit on the wall and gaze at the island of Sveti Nikola, a simple yet agreeable experience.

Young people throng to Budva during summer, considering it is the most happening place on the Montenegrin coast, and brimming with Budva tours and activities. Budva is a boon for thrill seekers – you can try water skiing, bungee jumping, diving, and paragliding, and you can experience all of it in a single day at a single place! The Budva bungee jumping platform is 40 m high and is quite close to the cove at the end of the Slovenska Beach. It’s a very thrilling experience.

The numerous Budva diving clubs cater to the diving enthusiasts who come here to quench their thirst for deep sea diving. The clubs have professionals to offer expert guidance and advice, and enough equipment to satisfy both seasoned and amateur divers. The water temperatures range from a pleasant 21 to 25°C, making diving conditions pleasant and comfortable.

With regards to Montenegro Visas, European citizens can spend up to 30 days in Montenegro without a visa; they just have to present a valid passport. Citizens of all other countries require a visa to enter the country. The visa can be obtained from theMontenegro consular office or embassy located in the concerned country. The euro (EUR-€) is the official currency of Montenegro.

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