Living in Budva made me appreicate nature


Over the past, few decades it is have become more and more apparent the harm that we humans have done to the planet. By over using the natural resources, producing more waste than we can get rid of, the emissions that our natural gas dependency have created. All of which is causing great harm to the planet and the atmosphere. Living in Budva, has made me appreciate nature’s precious beauty and as I enter the tree service industry I enter it from a stand point of tending to nature not to destroy it.

As w tree Service Company you are employ to maintain and care for trees, shrubs, you know earth. It would seem natural for this type of business to be more environmentally conscious then some other industries. With our environment in crisis due to human pollutants and destruction. As a tree service business you should do you part and try to reduce the pollutants you emit by using eco-friendly products and equipment.


There are many different fertilizers available commercially nowadays without any chemicals added to them. That promote optimum health for all vegetation by using organic fruits, vegetables, plants, and natural sessional oils. Or with a little research and ingenuity you can produce your own fertilizer or compost. By making your own you can control the ingredients, you will have no doubt that its environmentally friendly, save on cost its normally less expensive to make compost or fertilizer blend then purchasing it commercially, and you may be able to sell it to other tree and landscaping businesses that are trying to go green as well.


Another major and regular used item that is normally riddled with chemicals and cancer causing agents is pesticides. In the attempt to rid and protect trees and shrubs from harm of invasive bugs, pesticides are crucial. However, many commercial grade pesticides are chock full of harmful ingredients. That not just harmful to the trees, plants, and grass, but can contaminate our drinking water and food. There are a few ways to natural protect trees and shrubs from invasive bugs. Learn what type of plants that natural repel bugs use this information to create a solution that you can use on the job. You can also try using pheromones to confuse the bugs into thinking that there is a potential mate somewhere away from the vegetation. Online and in different books such as the farmer almanac, hold a plethora of natural pesticide sprays and technique. If possible, convince your customers to use plants that naturally repel bugs in their landscape. The plants are normally beautiful and fragrant. Lending to an ascetically pleasing design. These are just a few technique amongst a thousand.


This maybe a little harder to be environmentally friendly. Because all the best heavy-duty power tools are, gas powered. Gas powered tools emit harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases that wreak havoc on the environment. But the alternative are not that great for commercial use. Because electric saws and things are great when the job is small. But in order to fell a tree a person needs a gas powered chainsaw. The only advice I feel is realistically appropriate is to use manual, battery operated, and electric equipment whenever it is possible. Only resort to the gas powered tools when necessary. Although a tree removal business owner may not be able to completely rid himself of gas-powered tools and their emissions, he can greatly reduce his usage therefore reduce the amount of pollutants his workers emit by doing their jobs.

Go online and check out other ways to reduce your carbon footprint and positively affect the world. If we all make small changes, it will have a great affect to the overall well being of the planet we all share and inhabit.