Welcome: My Background


As a construction mongol of over 25 years there has been many revelations that I have learned in this industry,and one of the biggest thing I learned was the fact that you can build foundation of the whole house a lot of times by the trees you find on property and that foundation will be much stronger and durable than any other foundation from timber you may get shipped else where granted that wood is at least hard wood.

What I mean by that is that the trees on that property has been growing in that climate that mud and that atmosphere for its whole life adapting and growing resilient to it, so it has within it all of the qualities that make it resistant to not just weather and climate of that area but it has the antibodies against pest, insects, fungi, mold and any other critters to keep it strong and from falling apart.

You see these qualities of anti-pest resilience of the tree stays with it when the tree is cut down, it is almost encoded within every cell of that tree. Did you know that certain types of wood, bugs won’t really touch ever? When you build the foundation on this kind of rock solid wood that house can easily last 1.5 to 2 times longer than a house that’s built on weak foundation.

How often do you hear that term, “the strength of any structure is in its foundation”

So let me ask you a question, when you a home from weak foundation is it going to last very long?

I am from the thinking camp that all legacies are built by the people that put work in building the strongest foundation possible, I used to think I had to pay top dollars for the timer of a house and have it shipped from corners of the planet like the famous cedar wood,  from Sweden.

But I realized the best wood is actually on the very property you are building that home on. I didn’t discover this myself, I was taught this from a master home builder from Arizona of 70 years old. He has been building homes since he was 20, and that’s how he put all 5 of his children through college. Whenever he needed to take a vacation, he would build a home and sell it for top dollars.

He was one of the most revered home builders in the nation, at one point, releasing few books in the last 20 years.

I had a good fortune of meeting him during a home builder association conference in which he was presenting, when I spoke to him on the side he told me the importance of foundation and how the best frames are always the wood that can withstand the environment around it and that’s not always the wood that’s sold by these prestigious companies, but rather trees that get cut down by local tree service companies.

Tree Removal for Timber

You see this is when I really started looking into the tree removal business as well, first because I simply wanted to get some of this local wood to build homes with, and then pretty soon my home builder associates were looking for the same thing after I educated them, and then I started getting requests or inquiries on where to find local wood, I needed more trees cut down but there is heavy state regulation on those things so I started partnering up with local tree care companies and started buying wood from them.

But because these guys most of the time have to haul the wood away in make it fit their truck, they sometimes cut the wood too small, but as home owners we like to see those 10 ft long pieces of wood that we can really use for home building.

I decided I would start a second business of tree removal on top of construction after I traveled because it was getting too challenging to source this type of long wood from the tree companies.

And that is how my passion for the tree service began, I didn’t know there was so much fast cash that could be made from it. Because a home can easily take a whole year before it is complete but with trees I can knock out 7 jobs a day for at least $7K that’s pretty good especially because I already know a lot of home owners in the area anyways, they trust me and what I do. I get the jobs pretty easily.