Music Fuels that great Tree Work Baby

Getting Paid Great Money for my tree climbing & cutting skills

It’s getting so close to school now. I feel like summer just started, it’s stupid. Also I’ve been doing this tree trimming job for my dad’s company so it’s like I didn’t even get a vacation.

My dad’s trying to tell me to save my money for college and for stuff I want during the school year but I’m want to get a car. I got enough from the tree service to get something cheap. I want to get a little Honda or Camry or something and trick it out. I mean, how am I going to work all summer and not get something with the money I made? I’m still going to work maybe on weekends during the school year so whatever.

Today I got to run the stump grinder for the first time. My dad was being real careful about me using this thing for some reason. Don’t get me wrong this thing is a serious tool, it’s kind of like a huge lawnmower with a giant chop saw on it but I’ve been climbing fifty feet up and doing this tree cutting stuff all summer so it was time. Doing it so much I even missed my favorite concert with DJ Avicii

Stump Removal Learning Experience

So I got to chop up this old stump after they sawed it all off and run the grinder. It was cool for a minute because it’s a pretty serious machine and chips just fly off everywhere but my dad was like looking over my shoulder the whole time like I was going to mess it up or get hurt or something. My dad’s big on safety but really the only way you’re going to get hurt doing this is if a chip flies into your face or something. But I was wearing safety goggles. And I guess the only way you could mess up the actual stump grinding is if you chop up the lawn or something or maybe miss a part of the stump but it’s going to be pretty obvious if that happens.

But yeah after like ten minutes I was over it, it’s just a really tedious job because you kind of hack away at this stump and it takes forever.

The other arborists that work for my dad wanted to get subs for lunch for some reason so we couldn’t get pizza. The stupid thing is these guys go to this sub shop and order all this food and they sit and eat and complain about the food and how much the subs cost and how they can get a better sub at a different place for cheaper. I’m sitting there thinking everybody could have been happy if we got pizza because there was an amazing pizza place like a mile and a half away. The guys were even like, “Yeah that place does make a bomb pizza we gotta go there sometime. Except not today we’re getting subs at this stupid place.” Oh well, we still the best in Grand Rapids, MI

Work was easy after lunch. It was for me at least, all we had to do was do some pruning on all these little trees this old man had in his huge yard.

We get paid in two days. Sweeeeeeeeeeet.

Starting to enjoy this blogging thing…

How Don Prepares Tree Service


Running and operating your own business is usually a great thing. Flexible hours, uncapped salary, hire and fire who you want. Really rewarding stuff. However, what happens when your business is in a rut? Alternatively, the economy is slow. Is there anything a person can do to create new business? To ensure that the old customers and satisfied and remain loyal customers. I am sure there a million and one books, articles, and blogs on this very topic. Well I guess this will make it a million and two.

Tree Trimming Business

I have a tree trimming and service business and a few years ago business got slow. Very slow. In addition, I needed to figure out how to make money before filing bankruptcy papers. Therefore, I did a few things, created a few incentive for my employees and my customers, and develop a realistic goal with steps to get there.

First is started offering cash for referrals from my old customers with residential accounts. Tell a friend and get so much money. I also implemented a rewards system that after their tenth service they did with us they would receive a free trimming for one tree. I gave discounts and promotional offers. These gimmicks really help drum up new business and keep the older customers returning.

For my commercial accounts, I did a few different things. Like if the any person employed by one of my commercial accounts solicit my services then they will receive ten percent off any service. They just needed to have some proof of where they work. This was usually confirm with an employment badge or ID card. We also would have each commercial accounts’, that has had at least five service completed by us, business card in a bowl and once a month we would select one account to bring donuts to the office or if it were small business, we would take their office to lunch. First impression is everything notice how professional this site is and how that helps with landing commercial accounts:

Finances in Tree Industry

Now for my employees I had to do something to keep them novitiate and to cut back on spending and waste. Because I feel like my employees are my family I explain to them what was going on. My financial hardships that I was experiencing and where we need to be in order to keep from going under. I share with them my business plans and goals. Including the steps, we need to take in order to achieve these goals. All of them were on board and many contribute ideas for promotional products and programs. We started composting, recycling ever, and anything that we could. I had to do a hiring freeze so I went to the local colleges and universities and started accepting interns and co-op students. In addition, my workers were very meticulous about the time they spent on the job. Even doing jobs that would normally take four with only two. The best thing about having employees that you treat like family, they in return take care of you like family.


It was like this that we were able to get through that year or two. With creative and somewhat unorthodox maneuvers, I, along with my employees, are still working, it seems as if we are doing even better than we have ever done in the past. We have a lot more new customers and our returning customers seem to be even more loyal to us. However, it was truly a combined effort. An effort that has truly pain off. That just goes to show you that if you are in a rut and going through some type of hardship do not give up. Seek help and be creative. One of my customers, who has been with us for eleven years, told me after we had finish trimming and pruning her apple trees, a quote from Thomas Edison. It goes like this: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” That quote has been a light for me on many dark days.

Important tips if you are thinking of hiring tree care help Fall 2015

With the fall fast approaching many of the deciduous trees will start shedding its leaves and its raking time, how about before fall comes you get some of your trees trimmed so you get more sunshine to enter your home and you can begin building a much nicer looking yard with beautiful looking trees.

This will make your yard look great and it will reduce the amount of dead leaves left on the yard that you have to rake up. Its a great time of the year to get some trimming done and its one of the tips for today.

Another tip I’d like to share is that summer time is usually a lot better time and safer to trim trees than any other time of the year, because there is a lot less diseased trees to go around than the fall time, which means its much safer for the trees and they can heal up fast because trees are actively getting sun light in the summer and growing, we think they are inanimate objects but trees are actually always growing and changing like humans.

We sometimes forget how a live trees actually are, when in reality they are known to respond to even the subtle changes in environment, did you know they have done studies with plants where they have shown that plants grow faster and stronger when it is placed in environment with more pleasant music?

There is so much to be said about how emotions play a vital role in plants but you are thinking they don’t have a nervous system, well it is my observation that trees do indeed get stressed out and they need to be tended properly, they need all those things to to energize them and keep them going. Just like that scientist Dr. Emoto showed in hidden language of water, how water stored emotional information.

Trees are the source of nice shade and it provides aesthetics to people’s yard, you will definitely notice a difference of a great looking tree in your yard. It makes the property look that much more vibrant and full of life. At the same time the sun light is very important as well, so this is why I recommend proper trimming and topping service to make sure that trees are at its optimal size and shape and you are minimizing on the leaves you have to rake in the fall.

You will certainly feel much more pleased with the beauty of your new trees and enjoy the weekend as you sit back and relax and have very minimal leaf raking to do.

One of the first things I learned when I cam from India was to learn about the tree service business and what kind of services were these companies offering, now its my passion to share with others what I’ve learned and turning this blog into an educational site, where I can teach other what I know about this business and so much more.

I hope you enjoy this insight stay tuned for more.

Living in Budva made me appreicate nature


Over the past, few decades it is have become more and more apparent the harm that we humans have done to the planet. By over using the natural resources, producing more waste than we can get rid of, the emissions that our natural gas dependency have created. All of which is causing great harm to the planet and the atmosphere. Living in Budva, has made me appreciate nature’s precious beauty and as I enter the tree service industry I enter it from a stand point of tending to nature not to destroy it.

As w tree Service Company you are employ to maintain and care for trees, shrubs, you know earth. It would seem natural for this type of business to be more environmentally conscious then some other industries. With our environment in crisis due to human pollutants and destruction. As a tree service business you should do you part and try to reduce the pollutants you emit by using eco-friendly products and equipment.


There are many different fertilizers available commercially nowadays without any chemicals added to them. That promote optimum health for all vegetation by using organic fruits, vegetables, plants, and natural sessional oils. Or with a little research and ingenuity you can produce your own fertilizer or compost. By making your own you can control the ingredients, you will have no doubt that its environmentally friendly, save on cost its normally less expensive to make compost or fertilizer blend then purchasing it commercially, and you may be able to sell it to other tree and landscaping businesses that are trying to go green as well.


Another major and regular used item that is normally riddled with chemicals and cancer causing agents is pesticides. In the attempt to rid and protect trees and shrubs from harm of invasive bugs, pesticides are crucial. However, many commercial grade pesticides are chock full of harmful ingredients. That not just harmful to the trees, plants, and grass, but can contaminate our drinking water and food. There are a few ways to natural protect trees and shrubs from invasive bugs. Learn what type of plants that natural repel bugs use this information to create a solution that you can use on the job. You can also try using pheromones to confuse the bugs into thinking that there is a potential mate somewhere away from the vegetation. Online and in different books such as the farmer almanac, hold a plethora of natural pesticide sprays and technique. If possible, convince your customers to use plants that naturally repel bugs in their landscape. The plants are normally beautiful and fragrant. Lending to an ascetically pleasing design. These are just a few technique amongst a thousand.


This maybe a little harder to be environmentally friendly. Because all the best heavy-duty power tools are, gas powered. Gas powered tools emit harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases that wreak havoc on the environment. But the alternative are not that great for commercial use. Because electric saws and things are great when the job is small. But in order to fell a tree a person needs a gas powered chainsaw. The only advice I feel is realistically appropriate is to use manual, battery operated, and electric equipment whenever it is possible. Only resort to the gas powered tools when necessary. Although a tree removal business owner may not be able to completely rid himself of gas-powered tools and their emissions, he can greatly reduce his usage therefore reduce the amount of pollutants his workers emit by doing their jobs.

Go online and check out other ways to reduce your carbon footprint and positively affect the world. If we all make small changes, it will have a great affect to the overall well being of the planet we all share and inhabit.

Welcome: My Background


As a construction mongol of over 25 years there has been many revelations that I have learned in this industry,and one of the biggest thing I learned was the fact that you can build foundation of the whole house a lot of times by the trees you find on property and that foundation will be much stronger and durable than any other foundation from timber you may get shipped else where granted that wood is at least hard wood.

What I mean by that is that the trees on that property has been growing in that climate that mud and that atmosphere for its whole life adapting and growing resilient to it, so it has within it all of the qualities that make it resistant to not just weather and climate of that area but it has the antibodies against pest, insects, fungi, mold and any other critters to keep it strong and from falling apart.

You see these qualities of anti-pest resilience of the tree stays with it when the tree is cut down, it is almost encoded within every cell of that tree. Did you know that certain types of wood, bugs won’t really touch ever? When you build the foundation on this kind of rock solid wood that house can easily last 1.5 to 2 times longer than a house that’s built on weak foundation.

How often do you hear that term, “the strength of any structure is in its foundation”

So let me ask you a question, when you a home from weak foundation is it going to last very long?

I am from the thinking camp that all legacies are built by the people that put work in building the strongest foundation possible, I used to think I had to pay top dollars for the timer of a house and have it shipped from corners of the planet like the famous cedar wood,  from Sweden.

But I realized the best wood is actually on the very property you are building that home on. I didn’t discover this myself, I was taught this from a master home builder from Arizona of 70 years old. He has been building homes since he was 20, and that’s how he put all 5 of his children through college. Whenever he needed to take a vacation, he would build a home and sell it for top dollars.

He was one of the most revered home builders in the nation, at one point, releasing few books in the last 20 years.

I had a good fortune of meeting him during a home builder association conference in which he was presenting, when I spoke to him on the side he told me the importance of foundation and how the best frames are always the wood that can withstand the environment around it and that’s not always the wood that’s sold by these prestigious companies, but rather trees that get cut down by local tree service companies.

Tree Removal for Timber

You see this is when I really started looking into the tree removal business as well, first because I simply wanted to get some of this local wood to build homes with, and then pretty soon my home builder associates were looking for the same thing after I educated them, and then I started getting requests or inquiries on where to find local wood, I needed more trees cut down but there is heavy state regulation on those things so I started partnering up with local tree care companies and started buying wood from them.

But because these guys most of the time have to haul the wood away in make it fit their truck, they sometimes cut the wood too small, but as home owners we like to see those 10 ft long pieces of wood that we can really use for home building.

I decided I would start a second business of tree removal on top of construction after I traveled because it was getting too challenging to source this type of long wood from the tree companies.

And that is how my passion for the tree service began, I didn’t know there was so much fast cash that could be made from it. Because a home can easily take a whole year before it is complete but with trees I can knock out 7 jobs a day for at least $7K that’s pretty good especially because I already know a lot of home owners in the area anyways, they trust me and what I do. I get the jobs pretty easily.